Choose: Avoid Lawsuits or win them:

With a thoroughly effective compliance program an employer can win all their employee lawsuits, but even winning lawsuits results in an array of negative outcomes.  Here’s three.

Litigation Expenses: Attorney’s fees, expert witness fees and court costs.

Internal Costs: Leaders lose work time, employee morale diminishes and productivity declines.

Bad Publicity: Damaged reputations, ethics and attitudes become suspect.  Compliance programs are well-intentioned, but often short-sighted, assuming the goal is preventing lawsuits.

What we offer:

A program uniquely effective in preventing lawsuits because it’s focused on showing leaders “What to do” rather than “What not to do.”  Staying out of court is a by-product of good employee relations skills.  For all the descriptions and characteristics of leaders, only two matter:  Effective and ineffective.  This program’s material, when understood and applied, will enable any leader to become effective in handling employee relations issues.

Reset the Clock,” is a unique process that prevents a plaintiff attorney from taking something leaders did wrong or did not do in the past and using it to challenge their future employee relations decisions.  In effect, both employer and personal liability clocks are reset. Highly interactive and entertaining, it provides specific tactics for handling employee interactions during which leaders must show good judgment.

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Replace Liability with Credibility:

This highly interactive program provides leaders with a wealth of practical information that is necessary to minimize outside attorney intervention and court review of their business decisions, avoid bad publicity and public embarrassment, and protect their employer and personal assets.


Highly Tailored:

Your policies and practices are fully reviewed and edited to reflect current standards of excellence, and then referenced throughout each presentation. This fast-paced and entertaining program is presented in plain language, without “legal-ese.” Each fully customized presentation provides leaders with the specific employee relations tools and tactics necessary to demonstrate good judgement when handling a wide array of significant situations. See our “Overview” page. Questions from your leaders on their issues and concerns are highly encouraged and answered directly throughout the program.

Cost Effectiveness:

It’s much easier to keep someone out of legal trouble than to get them out. The cost savings are about 20-to-1. One employer, upon achieving a reduction in legal fees of over 75%, credited this program as “the biggest single contribution to our improved performance.” Your investment in this powerful program is minimal when compared to the cost of a single lawsuit.

Program Goals:

Increase Practical Knowledge & Confidence

Replace Liability with Credibility

Foster A Harmonious Working Environment