If you are interested in a comprehensive and practical program to help your leadership team replace liability with credibility, you've found it.

Few leaders are skilled in the employee relations techniques necessary to avoid legal challenges. Why not develop their skills?

Legal challenges are unpleasant and costly to everyone. From a business perspective, once a lawsuit is filed, everything that follows is negative. Even if you win, there has been a negative impact on your assets, your time, employee morale and public relations. Why not avoid these problems?

Employers often write new checks for old problems. Why not ethically and legally separate from your past?

We offer a proven, efficient way to reduce your future financial and public relations exposure. Among the major results of our program: Your leaders will increasingly demonstrate good judgement.

Reset The Clock: Adopt improved policies and better practices, communicate them, and enforce them. By implementing our process, past events cannot be used to support future legal claims or attack future employment-related decisions. In effect, both employer and individual manager liability clocks are reset.

Give your leadership team the best opportunity for a litigation-free future. Reset The Clock. It's never too late to do the right thing.

Michael J. Mirarchi

Mirarchi Management Group, Inc.