Program Topics​

Scripts and tactics for handling a comprehensive array of employee relations issues with sensitivity, good judgement, and high confidence are provided. 

Partial List of Topics

Through discussion, group exercises and role playing, your leaders will learn and practice specific tactics to apply in significant employee relations situations. The enthusiastic adoption of the teaching philosophy, “If you can keep them laughing, you can keep them learning,” makes this a highly educational and entertaining experience.

  • Changes in terms of employment, procedure for implementing
  • Corrective action meetings, how to prepare for and conduct
  • Disabilities, addressing performance problems related to
  • Disabilities, responding to a request for an accommodation
  • Discharge meetings, how to prepare for and conduct
  • Disclosure of a potentially contagious infection, responding to
  • Discriminatory comments, disassociating yourself from
  • Employee complaints, proper response to
  • Erratic performance, how to address
  • Generalized disparaging comments, how to address
  • On-the-spot performance counseling
  • Personal hygiene problems, how to address
  • Personality and attitude problems, how to address
  • Previously unaddressed conduct, how to address
  • Serious misconduct, initial response to
  • Sexual harassment complaints, proper initial response to
  • Substance abuse, confrontation in obvious impairment situations
  • Violence, responding to acts and threats
  • Insubordination, how to address
  • Misconduct due to mental condition, how to address